Medallion is a foundational telecommunications infrastructure servicing company
Medallion Communications LimitedMedallion Communications LimitedMedallion Communications Limited
Lagos Nigeria
Medallion Communications LimitedMedallion Communications LimitedMedallion Communications Limited

Datacenter Services

Medallion Infrastructure and Facility

  • Access to Local, National, and Global Networks
  • Dedicated & Shared Rooms Spaces
  • Rack Spaces
  • Fully Backed up AC/DC Power Feeders
  • Automatic Power Change Over with No Downtime
  • Optimum Cooling & Temperature Control System
  • Comprehensive Fire Protection System/ Smoke Detector & Alarm System
  • Electronic Security Access Control
  • 24X7 Electronic Circuit Monitoring
  • Internet Connections to Tier 1 Carriers
  • Access to Connect to All Global Networks Present in Medallion via Cross-Connects & Dark Fibre Lease
  • Mast/Tower For Radio Installations 

Medallion’s Data Center Services (Need for Data Centers in Nigeria)

There is a regulatory requirement by the central bank of Nigeria for all banks to localize their data storage and move them to tier-3 data centers. This calls for the establishment of new data centers in several states of Nigeria. There are 36 states in Nigeria including the federal capital making it 37

Less than 5% of the .Ng domains are hosted in Nigeria – there is a requirement to change that and ensure that over 90% of the .NG domains are hosted locally in Nigeria. This calls for datacenters in country

The national broadband plan calls for provision of infrastructure in all states of Nigeria. Lagos represents less than 15% of the entire country population, yet 80% of the current ICT infrastructure and services. This means a large part of the country still need to be provided with adequate ICT services. This calls for data centers in all the 36 states of the country

The user experience for critical services outside of Lagos is still poor since the users have to access servers located outside of Nigeria using the internet. Following google; Facebook, yahoo, etc. are now seeking to locate their servers in Nigeria and closer to the end users for better user experience and more advert revenue

There is great push for development of local contents and the hosting of the contents in-country for national security reasons and ease of access / support

Several Nigerian states are implementing smart cities – delta, Lagos, kano, Calabar, etc. These initiatives require top tier data centers

The recent global cyber-security attacks calls for more localization of critical and sensitive data and the creation of several disaster recovery sites. This means Nigeria need to have several top tier data centers spread across the country

The current economic situation means that ISPS and other industries cannot afford to host their content in foreign lands where they have to pay in foreign currency. This calls for local hosting at Naira based charges

Medallion Lagos Fiber Network

Network Expansion Plan Across All Geo-political Zones

  • Medallion has a national license for provision of telecommunication services.
  • Medallion will Promote local content, broadband penetration, and hosting of contents
  • Medallion intends to offer services in the 6 geo-political zones by the end of 2020.
  • Edge datacenters will be implemented across every state capital in Nigeria
  • The data centers to be built in these cities will get content closer to the end users ensuring better user experience and increase in patronage of the services of the telecom operators and content developers