Medallion is a foundational telecommunications infrastructure servicing company
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Interconnect Services

Medallion’s Interconnect and Clearinghouse Services

Interconnection means the physical and logical linking of telecommunications networks used by the  same or different operator in  order to allow the users  of one telecommunication network to  communicate with the users of the same or another telecommunication network or to access services  provided by a telecommunication network. Medallion therefore sets up Interconnect Houses where  operators not only have the opportunity to interconnect with multiple operators in one location, but  equally share the available telecom infrastructure thereby reducing overhead.

In a multi-operator environment, seamless interconnection is the most important factor that could affect  the growth of the industry. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that in most  telecom environments, at least 60% of all traffic is interconnect.

The ability of a country to enjoy the full benefit of interconnection as outlined above is greatly  dependent on the interconnect scheme adopted by the operators. Operators can either interconnect  on a peer-to-peer arrangement, where each operator is directly interconnected to the other operators;  or they can be interconnected using an interconnect exchange operator.

The ITU has recommended the adoption of interconnection through a clearinghouse as the ideal model  for all emerging telecommunications markets because of the tremendous benefits it offers to the growth  of the industry. An interconnect clearinghouse as recommended by the ITU combines the traditional transit switching  functions of a tandem operator with the financial services of a clearinghouse in the provision of efficient  interconnect links.

Medallion provides interconnect and clearinghouse services to Mobile Network operators, Fixed-  Line/Fixed-Wireless operators, VAS and Virtual operators. Medallion’s infrastructure is designed to be robust and protocol independent to enable all classes of  operators to interface seamlessly, for both TDM and IP-based telecom operators, as well as interface  with any internet exchange points to ensure that local content providers are adequately catered for.


Need For Interconnect Expansion

  • Medallion is embarking on two (2) phased expansion programme within Nigeria in 2020.
  • There is also an expansion programme into selected countries in West and East Africa in the coming months.
  • In line with the national license obligation issued by NCC, Medallion intends to expand its services to at least 6 additional cities in Nigeria by 4th quarter 2020 namely Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, Asaba, and Enugu. The expansion of the interconnect service to other state capitals in Nigeria will among others enable operators expand their services to new cities; help existing operators in these  cities to localize their calls thereby ensuring higher quality of service at cheaper cost; help operators  reduce their operating cost by saving on the transmission cost; and ensuring prompt and efficient  settlement of interconnect charges amongst operators.
  • The decision in selecting expansion cities is based on several factors including: number of operators, the estimated volume of traffic, existing interconnection scheme amongst operators in the location, availability of transmission links, and geo-political considerations.
  • The NCC mandated that operators have switching centers in every state capital of Nigeria. That has not been done by operators. Medallion will put in place the infrastructure to make this happen